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Hello! My name is Lou. I'm 39 and a mum to two gorgeous kids. I work in PR and co-own the company where I work. Getting fit and healthy by age forty is my goal. And this website is my story of how I'm going to do that - get to a healthier version of myself.

Starting from the very beginning, like a lot of women, I have struggled with how I look for as long as I can remember. I have tried all the diets. Even ones that don't include eating! Remember the scene from "The Devil wears Prada" where Emily says "Basically I don't eat anything, and then when I feel like I'm about to pass out  I eat a cube of cheese.." Yeah. I tried that one too. Not my finest 24 hours. In fact, I remember as clear as day, being in a 6th form English class, where one of the beautiful, cool girls in my class, yelled across the room "I heard you're on a crash diet to get skinny!" Not only was that event mortifying, but the fact that my weird attitude to food had been noticed by cool people at my school just made me try even harder to stick to my frozen juicy diet. Of course the ice-block diet like every other fad diet I tried, was doomed to fail. Despite my parents being relatively healthy, and providing well balanced nutrition for me, I lost my way, time and time again.

At 19 I joined my first gym. I invested in a personal trainer and went through peaks and troughs of eating well and exercising well to doing none of those things. It was about that time that I loosely started my career in PR. I soon discovered the bright lights of booze-fuelled late nights, parties with the rich and famous and a lot of hangover food. My 65kgs in high school soon turned into 75kgs, which turned into 85kgs. I lost weight again and was happily sitting in the 75kg range, until I weighed in at 81.4kgs at my first appointment with my midwife. She suggested that I only put on a maximum of 11kgs in my pregnancy. Not to be outdone by anyone, I put on 22kgs!

Shortly after my beautiful daughter was born, I was hit with a nasty case of post natal depression. To cut a long story short, I solved my depression and sleep deprivation with bad food and bad choices. Endless and exhausting breastfeeding worked a treat to get rid of my "baby weight" but by the time my son was born 4 years later, no amount of breastfeeding, random exercising, or fad dieting worked to get the weight off. My portion control was out of control. I was overweight, stressed, and unhappy.

In August of 2017, my beautiful friend Jessie dragged me along to a trial at a local gym that had just opened. I went along, thinking it would be a waste of time, and that I'd be far too busy with my two kids and company to run. After one session with the gym's trainers, I had enjoyed it but was unconvinced that this would be my catalyst for change, when the club manager said to me "Whatever you decide to do, you need to make your health a priority". Something in that statement resonated with me. He was absolutely right. And so I did. I made my health a priority and signed up at 9Round Wellington the very next day. The gym was about to start an 8-week transformation challenge.  It took me a while to comprehend that going to the gym but still shovelling junk food and alcohol into my mouth at an alarming rate was not going to end well. However, the end of the challenge was what kicked this blog off. I managed to lose a few kilos during the challenge, but how I felt, my health and general wellbeing; that change has been remarkable. Mostly, the sense of achievement. Things I thought I was too old and too out of shape for (I’m looking at you burpees!), I can now do and enjoy.

My ultimate goal is to get fit and healthy by my 40th birthday on 31.01.2020 and I’m well on my way. In fact, I’ve gone one step further this year. I have switched gyms to F45 (glorious!), started studying as a personal trainer at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and am now a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. I want to help women like me to learn how to eat, and learn how to move so they can do life well and feel amazing. My PN food and fitness coaching programme opened on 1 December and you can read more about that here. You can also book a free consultation with me to see if PN coaching is for you by clicking the button below.

This is me…hi!

This is me…hi!

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