Exactly what's in my coaching and who it's most likely for. Probably you.

Hey you, thanks for dropping by, it’s nice to have you here. This is kinda long, but it’s important. Grab a cup of tea or your water bottle and get cozy.

I wanted to take a bit of time out today to talk about what working with me is actually going to be like, given that I don’t and will not ever hand out a meal plan or tell you what to eat. Ever.

Bizarre, right? Most food related coaches and trainers like to give you a prescription of sorts with a vague promise of exactly what to eat to lose a certain amount of weight. Some trainers like to yell a lot and make you feel bad for eating cake. I love cake, and so I can assure you, that if you want cake, you 100% can have cake while working with me. Honestly, you can eat whatever you like.

I’m also never going to yell at you. This isn’t a boot camp. I am not a drill sergeant.

What I will do, is pass on an incredible set of skills that will eventually become your normal, so that if you want to, you can stop eating shite, and get in the best shape you’ve ever been in.

I’ll teach you how to love carbs, and fat, and protein equally, so that you can just get on with eating whatever you like without obsession. You can tell all the fad diets to GTFO and feel empowered to enjoy each and every meal. Even at Christmas.. imagine just having a nice time with family and friends with food and wine and no guilt for what you ate.

We are taught that certain foods are bad, and certain foods are good, and this is where the damned guilt comes from when we eat “bad foods”. It drives me up the wall that food is rated in such a way and has such control over our emotional state. Food is food. It’s delicious and eating is a pleasure. That’s my stand anyway. And working with me means we eat a lot and celebrate the very joy of eating. It’s a nice time. What is the ruin of us and a joyful relationship with food, is actually the habits and thoughts associated with it. That’s where I come in. I help you over the course of a year to improve your habits with food and exercise so you can stop feeling guilty, stop depriving yourself, and finally feel great instead of wallowing in this all consuming puddle of guilt of eating, that quite frankly is utter horse shit and I’m going to do my damned best to stop it happening.

So, are you curious yet?

This is exactly how it works.

I send you a form to fill out - it’s all about your current habits around food and exercise so I can learn what you’d actually like to happen by working with me. Assuming I can help you, you can complete your registration and get access to a Facebook group. This group is merely to chat to others going through the same experience as you. You can swap recipes if you like, congratulate people on NSV (non scale victories) support others who are struggling, share amusing GIFS - whatever you like. It’ll be fun, supportive, and generally a nice time.

The actual coaching bit is just you and me. It’s all done online, but of course if you want to see me face to face you can do that too.

Over the course of a year, we’ll talk about all of this, in this order.

Taking a 5-minute action
Eating slowly
Eating to “80% full”
Eating lean protein with each meal
Eating five servings of colourful fruit / vegetables
Making smart carb choices
Eating healthy fats
Planning meals
Recording what you eat
Hacking sleep
Drinking smarter
Celebrating break week
Using a targeted recovery strategy
Eating whole foods
A little more, a little better
Protein & colourful plants at each meal
Practice 80% full
Do a 5-minute mind-body scan
Taking a fitness information vacation
20 minutes of de-stressing
Creating and practicing your fitness mission
Choosing your own adventure
Taking some photos
Celebrating your progress
Spreading the love, pay it forward

See? No meal plans in sight. You do have to love getting emails though, as that’s how I deliver each topic that we’ll talk about. My emails will point you to my platform that will have a story, or a lesson of some sort, and when you’ve read the information and practiced the thing I’ve sent, you can tick the task off and move on to the next stage. It’s incredibly satisfying ticking off a thing, too. You can do all of this on any device you like - phone, tablet, laptop. It all works dreamily.

You also get my at home or in gym work out plans so you know exactly what to do when it comes to shifting your bum off the couch.

Most of the workouts are 30-60 minutes, BUT, you can do as much or as little of it as you like.

So, who is this for?

It’s probably easier to say who is isn’t for.

Athletes that are training or preparing to compete for an event, body builders that are cutting for a competition, also anyone who is already achieving what they want to with their health and food and fitness and basically knows everything.

And that last one is really important, because while being exclusionary is not my bag at all, I need to make sure that people feel really safe in my Facebook group. That they can talk freely about cravings, or smashing back a packet of TimTams without thinking about it first. They are less likely to do that if they feel they will be judged by people who are not on a similar journey.

So if you’re a regular person, that doesn’t train for anything and you just want to feel better and eat delicious food - it’s you. You’re exactly the person who can benefit from my coaching. You might want to lose weight, or you might want to use my at-home or in-gym exercise guides to improve your fitness and strength, but it’s not strictly about that. It’s just feeling better. Your own individual goals are just that. Individual.

My coaching programme opens on 1 December, but you can start anytime from then. If you start by my 39th birthday on 31 January, you’ll pay a bit less and be one of my special founding members which means you get all sorts of free shit throughout your coaching with me.

The discounted price works out at roughly $25 per week. I think that’s about the same as a weight watchers meeting.. I’m not wholly sure, but I can guarantee you’ll get more out of this than a prescribed diet plan.

If you’re interested, book your free consultation by clicking the button below, or join my main Facebook page here, or sign up to this list here. Or gosh darn it, just send me an email to lou@loudinpublic.co.nz and we can talk more about it there.

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