It's my birthday. Soon.

Hey there sweaty pals… it is nearly my birthday, I will be 39 and heading into my 40th year of life.

For anyone following my story, about 18 months ago I made a pact to myself and anyone listening that I was going to get fit by my 40th birthday on 31 January 2020.

I named this blog after my goal, and subsequently my food and fitness coaching business that I launched last year.

And if I’m honest, out of those 18 months, I’ve probably only been focused on my health properly for six of them.

Cool though. I still have a year to go to achieve my goal. However, this got me thinking.

What does fit look like, in time for my 40th birthday?

My ideas on health and fitness have changed so much over the last 18 months. Originally I wanted to get my weight down to an arbitrary number I was happy with. I wanted my size of clothes to be a certain number range as well. And from memory, in terms of my fitness, I wanted to be a naturally fit person that could enjoy working out at the gym and be able to keep up with kids.

Somewhere in there, I wanted to feel well.

18 months ago I would never have dreamed that I’d be working as a food and fitness coach in a side hustle capacity. Nor would I have ever thought that studying with NASM to be a personal trainer and work out of a gym in my spare hours would be something I wanted to do. Even when I got my place to study with NASM, I would tell everyone that I didn’t want to actually work in a gym.. oh gosh no. I just want to be able to work one on one with women who can’t get off the couch.

But so much has changed since then. And I think that my “fit by forty” goal needs to be redefined. I’m gonna need some help though. And that’s where you come into it.

Help me define what fit by forty looks like.

I still want to get rid of some belly fat. So that goal is staying.

I’d quite like to be fitter - I walked up Mt KauKau with my daughter and it nearly killed me. People I know can run up in 12 minutes. I don’t need to be that fit, but I’d like to be able to walk up at a pace where I don’t need to take pitstops along the way.

My food is pretty good. I’ve learned over time what food helps me thrive and also what daily life patterns throw me out of kilter. Anyone who works with me as a coach will know the “notice and name” habit, where we take a good look at all the life events where we feel good, and the ones that leave us in a heap.

But going back to my original goal. I don’t really care what the scale tells me. I haven’t weighed myself in 8 months, and I don’t think I’m going to start that now. And I’m less fixated on clothes sizes, however there is a stunning gold skirt in Augustine that while I can fit it, if I was carrying less fat on my body, it would fit a whole lot nicer.

What am I missing? Ideally I want a big check list, so that on my 40th birthday next year I can drink an enormous gin and tonic and happily tick off all what I’ve achieved, so that when I get my imaginary medal for achieving my goals, I’ll be able to say what I did to get there.

Any ideas?

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