So happy I could cry.

This is probably silly. I've been feeling it for a few days now, but today was really evident.

My clique compression tights that I wear for my workouts are getting too big for me!

This news is far more exciting than when i discovered I could fit my leather pants and that weird orange top that never fitted properly since ever, AND the news that I didn't announce to the world but was quietly stoked about, that I could fit a new pair of leather pants in a size smaller.

My clique tights are my secret weapon for workouts. They are the best tights I've ever tried, and given I'm a year into my goal of getting fit by my 40th birthday, that's saying something. I've tried a LOT of tights. 

So when I ordered these online, and got the biggest pair they had, i thought it would be a while before I could squeeze my ass into them. Fortunately i was able to from the get go but only just. The very first time I tried them, I was working out with my pal Nikki, swearing a lot more than usual because these tights were so tight they were cutting into my sides. I still remember driving to the gym in them, wincing with pain as these things compressed everything together. 

And it last week when I found myself hiking them up in between sets at my glorious F45, I wondered what was up. They aren't that old, so if they have stretched, it wouldn't be by much, and they are basically like scuba gear anyway, stretch but not a permanent one if that makes sense.

And so if I wasn't sure last week if it was fabric stretch or something else, it was definitely apparent this morning during the warm up for F45 Firestorm. And more so by the time we got to burpees. Jump up, down, pull tights up, sprawl, jump up, pull tights up, jump down, sprawl.. you get the idea. Every set, even mid way through a set, I needed to pull up my tights. 

Reducing body size is hard slog. I've really upped my workouts since moving to F45 and the hard work is starting to pay off. Maybe not by much, but I am officially a size smaller in these tights and this is the best news ever. 


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