NASM-tastic - a bit of news.

I'm going to be a fit, healthy person! Who knew?

Gahh! I did it. And I can tell you all about the thing that I've been rabbiting on about for the last week or so. It's kinda hilarious.

Today, I very excitedly confirmed my place to study at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) which, all going well, will qualify me to help people feel fit, healthy, and strong. The course I'm taking is in personal fitness training, and is the precursor to my other study plans that start in October with Precision Nutrition, so I can teach people (women mainly) how to eat properly. Cool, huh.

And I'm especially excited about this course of study because my very first client for this whole thing, is me. You see, despite being an adult, I still don't understand food or what I'm supposed to do when it comes to feeding myself properly. And so if I don't understand food or exercise, then I'm unwillingly passing the lack of knowledge on to my kids, and quite frankly that is terrifying. So with this study, I'm going to learn how to train my body properly so it becomes lean and strong, and I'll teach myself how to eat properly so that I can live longer for my kids, and for them to learn about what good health looks like, too. There is no room for illness in my family that is caused by a crap diet and inactivity. 

There's another reason I'm so interested in the health and fitness industry. It's the trainers and health professionals I've been working with for the last 20 years in various capacities. They have inspired me with their skill, energy, and dedication over how they help people. Their work has a significant impact on the wellness of others, and my admiration for them is huge. I get an enormous kick out of helping people in any way I can, and if I can help even one person prevent a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, even if that person is me, then I'll be hugely satisfied.

DCG of course will keep on thriving with our fantastic clients as it always has been. Nothing changes with my other business concepts and things I'm involved with either. Communications and PR are in my DNA so this is not a career change or anything like that. I'm simply adding another string to my bow. Those that know me well won't be surprised, given I studied and qualified as a make up artist, and ran a coffee truck for five years all while running my first PR firm (Rockstar PR), why not add some study to qualify in nutrition and exercise, too. 

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