Why I wear leggings as pants as often as I can.


I can.

I remember about 5-10kgs ago (I don't know exactly), I did that couch25k thing running around the waterfront in a bid to shed some weight and get fit. But I was so self conscious that people would be offended by my exercising, let alone what I was wearing, that I covered up. It was Spring weather, so not hot but not exactly freezing either, and I would cover up to eliminate any sight of untoned body. 

Leggings, yes, but a tight singlet to act as a compression for my wobbly tummy, and then a long and very baggy teeshirt over that. Next I'd have a runners jacket - in black of course, nothing reflective to garner attention. Oversized sunglasses not because of the bright sun, but so no one would recognise me. Some form of cap for the same reason, headphones and my device.

This was 5-10kgs ago when I was a lot smaller than I am now. But something happened after my son was born and subsequently became ill in hospital with meningitis. He was just 5 weeks old and we were exceptionally lucky not to lose him. I ignored our stupid GP at the time who reckoned he had a cold, and took him to hospital. My intuition and trusting of my heart and my head that our son was really sick, was in full force and I'm sure it wasn't just a coincidence given the seriousness of the matter. 

During that hospital stay, I think I showered maybe three times. I'd get out of my pjs to change into clean ones when we had visitors - someone had to permanently stay next to my son. Mostly though, I really didn't care what people thought of me. My son's health was really all that mattered and when the fog cleared and he got better,I really did not care for other people's opinions on things as shallow as how I look when I'm taking care of my body and my health? Get in the sea, sums it up.

Fast forward two years and I'd fallen back in to some really bad habits where food and exercise or lack there of, was concerned. That conversation with Jerome at 9Round about putting my health first, that kickstarted my fitness again and given I didn't really care how I looked, I rediscovered the beauty of active wear. 

Activewear fits wonderfully and it's really comfortable. No one can argue with that. It also reminds me that I should be moving rather than not. Yet there seems to be many people who have a problem with active wear wearers and I really wish they'd stop sharing their reckons on what I choose to wear. I can almost guarantee that my activewear probably cost more than the nasty fast fashion most people currently wear, so what's the problem exactly? If it's my sizeable arse that is now more obvious, that might be more your problem than mine. Does it remind you of your gym membership that you don't use anymore? Sorry. You should just go to your gym or cancel your membership. It's exhausting having to defend my clothing choice and I don't think I'm going to do it anymore.

So, leggings as pants. Try it. You won't regret it. The feeling of letting go of possibly years of body shame, covering up, being embarrassed about how your body looks when you run.. ahh, forget about it. 

This blog has absolutely zero affiliation with any fitness products or activewear brands. I promise. Also, this image is not of me. I don't think this blog would exist if this were me.




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