Back on the horse and it bloody hurts!

So I did it. I dropped my son off at daycare and instead of walking to the office giving myself plenty of opportunity to not go to the gym, I went straight there. And it was awesome. It was hard, I was 100% stuffed after and because it was leg day, I'm now struggling to walk in a straight line. But I did it and I'm so proud of myself.

My trainer today was Ebony and she is just awesome. I'll tell you what I really like about Ebony - she just gets me. She's old enough to have life experience behind her, she has kids, she offers an alternative or a half arsed exercise if I'm really struggling - she's just amazing. There are other trainers at the gym that I really rate and respect, some of them quite a lot younger than me, but working out with Ebony just feels really comfortable. And that's what exercise should be about.

I thought I loved my previous gym. I didn't go very often, but it was a nice place. But my biggest beef is that the trainers were all sub-18 years old with no life experience and zero understanding what it's like to be a busy stressed out business owner and Mum. The last meeting I had with one of the trainers, she was telling me how hard her weekend was. Her dilemma of what drink bottle to choose at Typo caused her a lot of distress. It's not my intention to minimise anyone's pain, but come on. A drink bottle choice made her weekend unbearable. Also, her Mum bought her the drink bottle so she was stoked that she didn't have to fork out for it. It was clear that I'd have a hard time relating to her as someone who could get my health back on track.

All of this has got me thinking about accessibility of fitness. I have the privilege of confidence on my side, so if a workout is rubbish, I'm going to let my trainer know about it so we can fix it better for next time. But what about women who are stuck on the couch, with a desire to go to a gym, but they simply feel excluded? I wonder how real that is. They might have gone to a yoga class, but felt put off by the experienced yogis dripping in Lululemon all around them. It's no ones fault, but I do wonder about the success of places like Fat Yoga in Auckland, or MoveitMama that promotes HIIT workouts from your living room via Facebook Live. These places and options are succeeding because they are meeting the needs of women who do not feel at home in a gym environment. I know from personal experience how if a session at a gym in too hard, it's highly unlikely that I'll return the next day saying "do it again". At my gym I am challenged appropriately, but thinking back to the last session I had where I felt really unwell throughout - it took me a month to get over it.

I'm based in Wellington. If anyone wants to work out with me or go for a walk/run at lunch time or whatever, please let me know. I'd be happy to share my love of fitness with you. 

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