Getting back on the horse. Again.

I haven't stepped foot in the gym since the last diary entry here. So that's basically a month. A whole month I have not been to the gym and that's actually quite disturbing for me. Because I love it there. I love working out, I love the post work out endorphins, and the feeling I get when I push through my abilities, doing one or two more reps than before. Feeling healthy mainly is the reason I exercise, and of course, fitting clothes I previously couldn't fit is a huge bonus as my body changes shape and firms up in certain places.

So what happened? I can tell you that the last work out I did was hard. It'd been a week in between workouts then, and it was a hot day and I was dehydrated. I reached round 7 and felt dizzy and nauseous and I felt that I just couldn't push myself any further without hurling. It was actually horrible. I then had to walk to my car in the blazing heat which was parked further away than usual. And then I had a full day of jobs to do.

It was a seriously gross day and I'm wondering if that experience told my subconscious somewhere that I didn't enjoy the gym anymore. That it was all too hard and that maybe I could reduce the gym, or do different types of exercise. 

And so while I was ruminating on that, it was also the school holidays where my child care was limited and so that put things on hold. We'd also started our renovations and I needed to work from home as well as entertaining my child. And then my partner got sick and needed to have surgery in hospital. And then our renovations really ramped up and we had to move out of our house for nearly a week. 

We've just moved back in and today I get an email from Jerome at 9 Round asking where I was and was I coming back. That was basically the kick up the arse that I needed and tomorrow morning I will complete my school run and head straight to the gym. 

It's going to hurt but I've made peace with that. The pros of feeling amazing and filled with good health far outweigh any tight muscles. 

Wish me luck!

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