It took me a whole year..

I just paid my domain name renewal last week for this website, and so that makes it a whole year since I started my blogging around getting fit and healthy in time for my 40th in 2020. It’s been an incredible year and here’s some things I’d like to share with you. Lived experience, yo!

It took me an entire year to change my habits.

When I started working with my health coach Rebekah Ward-Johnston, I thought I’d probably end up seeing her for a couple of months and that she’d teach me how to do a bunch of stuff and I’d lose heaps of excess body fat I didn’t need, and become fit as all hell and life would suddenly be great again. I laugh at that thought now, because it has taken me an entire year to change my habits. I didn’t realise this before but a year to change habits is normal for most people. It has taken:

  • A year to learn how to drink enough water through the day to stay properly hydrated. From maybe having a small glass of water every couple of days, to consistently drinking 3-4L a day.

  • A year to learn how to make considered choices to eat the right food that my body needs to function well. From putting off eating to the point of being really hungry and scoffing everything in sight, to prioritising my meals, and taking the time to eat slowly and mindfully.

  • A year to listen and pay attention to what my body is responding well to and what it really isn’t. I slowed down on my gym attendance and chose other low impact exercise when I was injured, where usually I would power through the pain and deal with the consequences later.

I know my old habits are really common. Changing my habits that I’ve built up over a lifetime was never going to be as easy as I thought, and if I’m really honest, these habits have only just clicked into place about a month or two ago. They are my new normal now, but I still feel slightly strange as I go to fill up my water bottle for the third time in a day as a matter of course.

My passion is health and helping people. Who knew?

From that moment in the gym a year ago where I thought I’d quite like to learn more about personal training, to serendipitously seeing my beautiful friend Tara’s instagram post about Precision Nutrition, to reading all I could on food and human biology till I could get a place to study. Also being in awe of what my health coach Rebekah does, all of it clicked into place like a jigsaw puzzle. I’m reluctant to use the term “a calling” but how about a very strong urge to help people get out of the situation I was in, or better yet, help them not get there in the first place. It all makes complete sense to me now and I am 100% confident I have learned through my study with Precision Nutrition how to pass this info on, so others can feel as great as I do.

I’m excited for the future

It needs to be said that PR and Communications is in my DNA. I’ve been doing this a very long time - 18 years, possibly longer. So that part of me isn’t going away. I will always have DCG, and the other businesses I’ve invested in that tick away quietly in the background. However, when I think about the possibilities of helping people figure things out, improving their health and vitality, I get a bit like a kid at Christmas. And on the 1st December I’m launching (softly softly) my year long coaching programme that will help people figure out food and movement and change any pear-shaped habits just like I did. And it’s not all about weight loss or weight gain. My coaching is 100% free of meal plans telling you what to eat. And I hate scales so unless you love them, I won’t be asking you to weigh yourself, either. What I want for you is to have a spring in your step, to wake up before your alarm and bounce out of bed. I do this every day. I feel amazing and I want to share this with you. Call it a new years resolution if you want to, but you don’t need to wait till then. You can start now.

Digital Coaching

At its core, my coaching programme is for people who are confused about food and what they should be doing. You’ve probably tried a bunch of diets like I have, or you count calories in an app like My Fitness Pal, or you roll with an idea that some foods are bad and some are good. You might have indulged in a cheat meal that turned into a cheat week and felt gross about that. And you’ve probably smashed back a packet of TimTams and then bought another packet to hide the fact you did that. I’ve done all of these things, and I don’t think I’m a particularly special case.

My programme takes a year because that’s how long it takes to change habits you’ve built up over a lifetime that no longer serve you. It is fully digital. You can see me in person if you want, I’d love that, but many people I know simply don’t have the energy or time for it, so that’s why I have chosen to coach people online. And on the time investment, you’ll need about 10 minutes a day, with a little longer, once every two weeks, and a bit more again at the end of the month.

Also, and this bit is really important, I’ve priced my coaching as low as possible to cover my costs, as good health and feeling amazing should not be just for the wealthy. For those who for whatever reason can’t afford my coaching but really need it, I offer a buy one give one, so that for every person who buys a place, one will be reserved for someone who isn’t able to and they will access my coaching for a year, free of charge. I have a long list of people waiting for these free spots to open up, and it will be a joy to offer these up as soon as I can. If you sign up in December or January, you can save quite a bit with 33% off. That works out to around $25 per week.

Click here to add yourself to my obligation free list if you think this might be for you. You can expect to hear from me every week via email on this list where I’ll share some things to think about plus my favourite recipes and tips from my health industry colleagues. If you have questions, I can answer them directly at

This year has been a wild ride. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

My study in Nutrition pretty much never stops. I start my level 2 study with Precision in April, and I have a long line of specialist study to do after that. Despite this, I am not a registered nutritionist or a registered dietician. If you have a medical condition I can work with your doctor or specialist to help figure out your food and exercise, but I can’t medically treat or prescribe anything.

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