Precision Nutrition.. I got in!


** Updating this post to say that I passed my final exam and am now a certified Nutrition Coach**

Ahh! So I forgot to share the very important news that I got a place on the amazing Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach programme!

I legit have been waiting for this spot to open up since March this year and finally last month (In September 2018) I got in.

Since then, I’ve had my head down powering through my studies whenever I get a spare minute, and by the end of November I’ll become certified to help people learn how to eat properly so they can stop feeling like crap all the time and just do life better in general.

In fact, I am expecting to finish this first part of my studies at the end of November just in time to launch my new online coaching programme on 1 December How to eat delicious food and stop feeling like shite all the time” and hopefully my second course “How to shift your arse off the couch and exercise without feeling awful and sore the next day” will also be ready to go around then as well.

Once my level 1 is complete, I then apply for a place for level 2, which is a full 12 month programme working under some amazing, registered Nutritionists, Dieticians, Sports and Fitness Physicians and others deeply qualified to teach me what’s up in the world of health and fitness.

It doesn’t mean that I will be a registered nutritionist or dietician or anything like that, but together with my Personal Training qualification (hopefully graduate early next year) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the US, I definitely will be able to offer a full coaching programme to help people live their best life. (In terms of food and exercise and feeling fit goes, anyway)

The first course “How to eat delicious food and stop feeling like shite all the time” is launching on 1 December, and so even if you’re mildly curious about what that entails, you should jump on this list to get course content and updates so you can choose by launch day whether or not it’s for you. I will also be offering free spots on the course for anyone to apply for if cost is a barrier.

I’m incredibly excited and can’t quite believe that this journey I started a year ago has turned out this way. Roll on 1 December!

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