The holiday damage.. duh dun..

Weight gain: 2kgs, then lost 2.3kgs over about 3 days.
Can now fit: Some activewear that a friend gave me - I was so sure they'd be too small, but no. Can indeed get my ass into them.
Today I ate: Cheese and crackers from the supermarket, they are only about 6g carbs, and virtually no sugar - got me over the 11am hump.

I put on two kilos and then I lost it again. Within about three days of weighing in, my 2kgs had gone and a bit more on top of that. Stoked. I had a chat with my health coach about it and she said that because I'm paying more attention to what my body wants and needs food wise rather than any cravings, that I was able to get back down to my pre holiday weight.


However, today is my first day back at work and my first day back at the gym, so no doubt that will put my smugness in check. The trainers at 9Round have been making noise on their social media channels that the workouts this year are going to be challenging, and so with that in mind, I'm going to need to fuel my body properly and drink lots more water so I can keep up.

In other news, I'm going to restructure my wah way diary posts and let you in on a bit more of what I'm doing so they might be a bit more useful.

At the top of each post, I'm going to add food I've eaten or that I think you should try, what exercise I've done and a positive thing, like something I can now fit, or a reduction in measurements - see up the top of this post for an example.

I've also just built a Facebook page and an Instagram account for Fit by Forty. There's more news coming soon, which some of you already know about, but for those that don't - well, you'll either be really surprised or really excited for me.

Happy New Year!


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