Intermittent Fasting

We've been instructed to eat every two hours. We've been told to drink 3L of water. We've been told to eat normally for five days and then eat stuff all for two days. We've been told that carbs are terrible, that low fat is good, that low fat is bad. And so on and so forth, pretty much everything you do is wonderfully healthy and terrible for you at the same time. It could be why after so many years of taking random advice like this, that I am as healthy as I am not and why I'm doing all of this in the first place.

As I've mentioned, I've tried pretty much all diets that exist. And even though the results have been mostly disappointing, I'm glad that I've done them all because now I know what works for me (for right now), and that is low carb, high fat, and regular doses of whatever the hell I like.

This plus Intermittent Fasting (IF) is what has shown me the best results so far. And I think that is because I am giving my digestive system time to have a cup of tea and a lie down and figure out what the heck its going to do with the food I've already given it. It also means that my body can chill out, slow down, and perhaps be a bit selective in its energy sources, i.e. choosing my body fat as an energy source to burn rather than the carbohydrate and sugar floating around.

So how it works is not starving yourself. I know the term "fasting" is indicative of painful skipping of meals. And so it isn't that. It's not restricting your calories or how much food you eat. It is restricting the amount of time in a day that you eat. So instead of grazing or eating constantly throughout the day, you just eat between 11am and 7pm (or whatever window works for you) and be then you're done. You literally stop eating at 7pm and start up again at 11am the next day.

The way I do it, is have a black coffee as soon as I wake up. Anything less than 50 calories isn't enough to break the fast. Then, by the time I've completed my school run, been to the gym,and am at my desk, it's basically time for my first meal of the day which is full of fat and a moderate amount of protein. Because of nutritional and body science that I do not totally understand yet, the fat and protein fills me up completely. I know that carbs put me in a food coma at 3pm, but what I've found by eating this way, is that I don't get any form of 3pm slump, and I'm full till I have dinner at 6pm ish. Two reasonably big sized meals a day and that's my eating done and I feel great! Who knew?

The key to High Fat, Low Carb and IF eating is to be really well prepared. Not something I'm great at but certainly getting better. Figure out what food you can tolerate on repeat and just do that. Have those things handy in your fridge. Hard to do at this time of year, but I know you can do this. 

This absolutely is not good to try if you have a medical condition of ANY kind. Or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Perhaps run the idea past your doctor and see what they say. I didn't do this, but then again I do have a health coach and a small army of personal trainers to give me the all clear, because privilege, right?





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