Things I fit.

Even though my weight loss has been slow to start, and I have enjoyed some wonderful yo-yo-ing, my size reduction is coming down nicely. And it's not because I'm smart and take measurements that I know that this is happening, but because of what I can now wear that I was not able to 3 month ago.

Leather pants
It's no secret that I'm a bit of a bogan, and so last last winter (2016) I bought some leather pants so I could relive my youth. They were a wee bit snug on me then and I remember wearing them out on my 37th birthday feeling mildly uncomfortable. Of course my size went up and down over the months that followed, and when I was looking for a costume for a cowboy party at Dakota, my leather pants were exactly what I needed to wear. I slid them on, and was shocked that not only could I actually get them on, they weren't that uncomfortable. Winning. I even wore them on that mechanical bull thing - twice! And they didn't split or slip down or malfunction in any way.

Last week I went to see Marky Ramone at Wellington's San Fran venue. Remember I'm a bogan and I love punk, especially old 70's style. So I pulled out the leather pants again, paired with a ridiculously low cut top, and was ecstatic that the whole ensemble fit, and more importantly I was comfortable and confident.

Ridiculous low cut top
Two years ago, I spilled coffee on my top right before a client lunch. And so I had no option but to run to the nearest store, grab a top that I thought fitted me based on what size I thought I was, rip the tags off and throw it on. It was a minutes to spare deal. So I throw the top on, or rather, I squeeze into it, and notice that it is in fact nearly as low as my belly button with criss cross type fabric pattern over the top, leaving very little to the imagination of my client sitting opposite me. No jacket, because after 7 years in Wellington, I still don't know how to dress properly. 
Anyway, after this day, I banished this top to the back of my wardrobe, never to be seen again. However, given my elation over leather pants fitting me beautifully, I thought I'd give it a go. Very surprising, and elating to see that ridiculous low cut top fits and if I wear it in such a way, it doesn't completely expose my upper half.

Denim shorts
To be fair, these shorts are maternity ones and it wasn't that they didn't fit, but more that I thought I looked ridiculous in them as they are styled to be tightly fitted around the leg. The jury is still out on this one, however I chucked them on last weekend and there is some room around the top of the leg, meaning they don't look like weird, jegging, maternity shorts. They just look like regular shorts. Winning for me, as right now it is really hot in NZ.

And finally, my activewear.
Now I'm not sure if I've just worn all my activewear to death and therefore stretched it or if I've reduced my size enough for this to be visible. Maybe a combination of both. Either way, most of my activewear leggings are getting too big for me. There is bagginess around the leg in some of them, or a loose waistband in others. I'm on my way to fitting my lotus leggings which is really exciting because they are cool and colourful and fun! 
*UPDATE - I now fit my lotus leggings but they are pretty cheap and nasty as far as exercising in them goes. So for now, I'll just wear them as "on the run, need to move but not exercising at the gym, activewear" AKA leggings as pants.

I don't think the change in my size is particularly noticeable to anyone else. My wardrobe is generally very loose and flowy dresses, so it's hard to see. But I know I'm getting smaller. And I feel better. So now if the scales could cooperate with my psychological attachment to numerical reassurance, that would be real swell.

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