And the wagon drives off, leaving me in its dust. A wahhh post.

Since I started this whole thing, I'm down about 6kgs and I lose about 300g a week. This is a slow burn. My health coach, Rebekah says that's good. That losing weight in small amounts is a good sign it'll stay off. I hope she's right because this is bloody painful.

But who's idea was it to quit booze and sugar and delicious carbs so close to Christmas? I have had a grand total of 4 glasses of wine over the last 3 months which sucks because I really like wine!

Everyone is out at Christmas parties, having a wonderful time, and in order for me to really keep to my diet and quest for good health, I pretty much have to stay away. Largely because I have no self control. Mindless eating at events and pretty much anytime was a big problem. Same goes with the drink. I'm miserable and I have serious FOMO. 

But what's to gain. Getting my life back? Getting healthy? Perhaps not having a heart attack? All good things. Still. This post is purely for my own preservation, when sometime in the not to distant future, when I'm at my goal, and have achieved health. I can look back on this post and give myself a small pat on the back for doing the hard yards at the hardest time of the year to do it. And so while I will be having Christmas Day off, every time I fall off the wagon - and it happens more often than I care to admit, I just have to dust myself off, and try to do better.




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