Cake for breakfast.

One of those days where everything is hard. Work is challenging, my kids are tired because we're nearing the end of the year. Lots of events on and logistical challenges of getting everything done. Mental load is shot to smithereens.

One of my fave colleagues is a baker. He bakes the most amazing treats. I've resisted pretty much all of them till now. I went to the kitchen this morning to get coffee and my most very favourite cake is there. Sitting pre sliced on our work kitchen bench.

My usual nuts for breakfast can piss off today. There is cake, and I am justifying to myself and to anyone reading my blog, that I deserve the cake for breakfast. I am feeling rational, this is not mindless eating of crap. 

Got my coffee, got cake. Both were amazing and I feel a million times better about the world and my place in it.

Sometimes cake for breakfast is exactly what I need in my life.. just very occasionally. 

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