What to have for lunch.

I can't cook. I can assemble food, but cooking is just not a thing in my skill set.

So lunchtimes before I started this health thing, were largely high carb wishbone hot food, or maybe a sandwich from the supermarket downstairs, and nearly always a bunch of sugar in the form of chocolate, or muffin etc. 

Giving up bread, also meant giving up junk. So all my sweet treats along with high carb hot food from wishbone had to be given the heave ho. This doesn't mean I don't allow myself the occasional bit of crap, but in order to stop the mindless eating of junk, I had to reprogram my brain into what is good food for lunch and what is not. Just like you know that a gumboot is not food, and you would not eat it, I had to do the same with all the high carb, high sugar foods I would normally scoff at lunchtime. Chocolate chip muffins are not a good choice for lunch food and therefore I should not rely on it as fuel for my body. 

Sounds obsessive, but for me, re-grading all the crap I shovelled into my mouth on the regular was really the only way I could make some good choices for lunch. 

So. It's lunch time yesterday, I'm standing in the supermarket downstairs from my office. My blood sugar is probably a bit low but not so low that I can't make good choices. Mondays are always a bit more difficult as I need to top up my stocks of food I keep in the fridge at work, instead of other days where the prep and thinking is already done. I find by having a reasonably full fridge, I'm not going to be tempted to eat crap. And so given it was Monday, I needed to restock my supplies, which are:

Slaw salad with mayo - low carb in the vege, high fat in the mayo
Grated cheese - I chuck this on my coleslaw to make it interesting, and the extra fat is good for my diet
Protein - usually I choose shredded chicken from the deli, but they didn't have any so I got some salami sticks. Good source of fat and protein together and they are delicious
Hummus - I don't strictly need this, but I've found that if my lunch isn't at least somewhat interesting or bizarre, I'll find reasons for junk instead. So a bit of hummus on the side of my salad is A+.
Salted, roasted peanuts - From a nut perspective I should be eating boring almonds, but I don't like them and actually all nuts that don't have salt on them won't work for me. So I load up on a couple of bags of salted and roasted peanuts because they are really good as a snack - I have them for breakfast even. They fit in my macros too, so all good!
Finally, Atkins bars are a staple in my diet. While I have basically quit eating chocolate, the atkins bars taste the same as snickers and bounty etc, but with 2grams net carbs and stuff all sugar, these are my haven when I desperately am craving sugar but trying to keep to my plan.

All up I think I spent about $30 and aside from a top up of slaw and protein mid way through the week, that's super affordable for at work lunch.




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