Note to self: Stretching is always a good idea.

What a weekend! 

My fabulous gym - 9Round - organised a walk up Mt KauKau for 5am on Saturday morning. I'd only been up Mt KauKau once in my life, and I'd forgotten just how hard it actually is when you're super unfit! Getting to the top was an awesome achievement and I'm stoked that I did it. 

I'm definitely in pain today though. And it could have been avoided.

Aside from constantly forgetting to drink enough water throughout the day, the other thing I almost never do is stretch.

Even at the gym, they've created a special 10th round specifically for stretching and I usually just skip on past it. The hike up Mt KauKau was no different and I am feeling it today. My calf muscles are so tight, even walking is difficult. And all because I didn't bother stretching.

 Lesson learned.

Here's a thing from ACC on how to do some simple stretches. The internet basically says that you shouldn't rush your stretching, and so given my time constraints, even if I'd have done just the first stretch in this poster, I would have been a lot better off today!


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