Should I go to the gym today?

I love my gym. I really really do. The sense of achievement of working out beyond my imagined limits is an amazing feeling. The endorphins at the end of my work out that usually kick in about 5-10 minutes after - you can't buy how good they feel.

So if I love it so much, why am I sitting in my activewear at my desk for the last 3 hours, ready to go to the gym, but haven't actually gone yet. I know I only have another couple of hours before I need to go pick up my daughter from school, and so if I don't go, literally right now, I won't go at all today.

My knees hurt. I think that might be a part of it. I do a set of squats in the morning in my kitchen when I'm loading or unloading my dishwasher and waiting for my coffee to brew. This morning, despite my form being reasonably solid, my knees were creaking and really sore.

I'm tired, too. My sleep has been rubbish since the toblerone scoffing started, and my son woke at 5.30am today. That could be it too.

Why else though?

My experience as an older, out of shape woman has told me I'm a pro at making really accessible things like my gym, which is so damn great, unaccessible. I put blocks in my way of progress all the time. Toblerone-Gate is one. Not going to the gym because my knees feel sore and I'm tired. I know in reality that going to the gym will help me in myriad ways.

So why can't I get off my arse and go?

Lou DraperComment