Self sabotage

Why on earth do we as women sabotage our weight loss and health gains with bloody junk food?

My partner was away at Salesforce' amazing conference 'Dreamforce' a couple of weeks ago. He shopped up a storm for the kids and me, and that included bringing home lots of sweet treats. At the time of packing these treats away in the back of our cupboard, I thought smugly to myself that I was eating healthily now, only feeding my body what would translate into amazing high quality fuel for it, and that I wouldn't be tempted by the toblerone or other amazing American candy.

24 hours later, a hard day at work, and not enough good food during the day, had well and truly changed my tune. And so by the time the kids had gone to bed (well, one out of two) I was reaching into the back of the cupboard and slipping into my old habits of a cup of tea and a sweet treat as my reward for a shitty day.

"It won't hurt me. It's just this one piece of chocolate and a cup of tea just this once and I won't do it again" Yeah right.

Some of you may think I'm being too hard on myself, but when you are hopelessly addicted to sugar and junk as I am, one piece of chocolate is a slippery slope. It's now Wednesday and half the toblerone is gone. 

Anyone else do that? Think that this one thing is so small and insignificant that it won't set you back. I am so damned determined to burn my excess fat and get my health in good shape that I see every temptation as a direct path to my previously very unhealthy life. 

On top of that, I know that sugar and carbs put my body into a weird state of being exhausted from the sugar crash, but too wired to go to sleep. So actually, that one bit of chocolate did not translate into a reward, but a punishment of insomnia delivering me a total of about three hours combined sleep this week.

Aside from putting a post it note on my cupboard door reminding me of how awful I feel after eating sugar, what else can I do to stop this self sabotage? When I'm tired and low seems to be my trigger for eating junk. Does this happen to anyone else?

Lou DraperComment