The start.

I'll be honest. I'm still figuring out how this project of mine is going to roll. My ultimate goal is to share all the things I've tried in order to reach my goal of good health by age 40. I guess because with this new thing I'm doing I'm seeing actual results, and so I figured that I could share what's working and what's not, so that someone else might benefit.

I know some people find accessing gyms and health professionals quite daunting. Especially if your confidence is shot and you're not feeling comfortable in your own skin, let alone your activewear.

But, aside from my lived experience, what do I know?

So, perhaps I can blog here. Sort of like a diary.

And then, perhaps I can talk to some actual expert heath professionals and get their reckons on workouts to do at home, food to eat, and overall wellness. 

Would that be useful to you?

Lots to ponder. Watch this space.

Lou Draper