Retrospective on the 8-week challenge

If you've read my story, then you'll know a bit about the 8-week challenge I did at my gym, 9Round. Essentially, we had 8 weeks to get to the gym as often as we could, and to sort out our nutrition. We were supported really well with a digital product called Nomergy, that helped with meal planning and at home workouts to do on our rest days or when you really just couldn't make it to the gym. Some people did really well in this challenge. I was not one of those people. However, while the main metrics of that challenge were weight, measurements, and fitness, the most important one for me was how I felt - my confidence was soaring.

When thinking retrospectively, there's often the "if I knew then what I know now, I would have done xyz". Now, I'm not in the business of beating myself up on things in the past, but if I had done what my trainers advised me to do, if I had logged into Nomergy to get my nutrition sorted from day one, I might be a little further along in my journey to great health. Working out 5 times a week, but still drinking alcohol, and eating a rubbish diet was never going to end well. 

Regardless, by week 4 of the challenge, I copped on to what I was supposed to be doing and by the end of the challenge I was down 4kgs and about 15 cms.

Some gym buddies and I are currently doing a very low key unofficial challenge to Christmas to see how well we can do on a number of metrics before the holidays kick off. This time I'm doing things properly!

Lou Draper